Religion Doing Harm

The Mind

September 19th, 2016

The second stage of Awakening on the Pathless Path is coming into command of
the workings and operations of your mind. You have a mind, but you are not the mind you have. And yet everything in the world of effects and manifestation is a result of mind for better or ill. Much of the time the mind, which is a construct of Soul (the true Self), is trapped in the entanglements and identification of animal programs of ego.

How bad can that be?

On the dark end you have Kim Jong ILL, let’s not see how far that rabbit hole goes. On the high end you have Ken Wilber.

Mind is matter, yet is unobservable to a 20/20 wave-field of sight, so essentially it is mostly observed by it’s expressions of words and demonstration, rather it’s produced effects through the individual. We are often told that the mind reasons, but that is not the actual case. It acts with an automatic precision, exactly as it is stimulated to act.

Mind is the tool that engages deduction but has no true power of induction, as demonstrated in the case of hypnosis, where the subject is given a certain premise no matter how absurd, the mind will engage it’s analytic deductions with automatic precision to produce the suggestions of reality as if it were a truth. This tends to reveal the fact that mind has no power of synthesis or rational induction. It operates more like a machine that is subject to the programs and identifications it has accepted as real. Mind itself is unable to distinguish between what is real and what is not. That is its greatest weakness and can be turned to its greatest strength when operated by the individual Soul.

This is not a condemnation of nature, but when one realizes that nature operates as an ally rather than an enemy, because we consciously move to cooperate with it by controlling ourselves to be in harmony with it. And the only way to do that is to see clearly who and what we are in reality.

There are practically no limits to the power of mind, but few know how to awaken or invoke its forces. Which is a good thing considering how many are operating a mind inside of predominate animal programs. When the individual learns to accept responsibility, these mind powers will automatically increase. When one awakens to the center-point of Being, or Soul, the mind as an instrument of such a “Self”, has at the command of the individual, limitless capabilities.

The essential point here is that mind is a very great power, and must be kept in control. When rightly used it can produce incredible marvels. Mind produces with a near precision of absolute predictability, much like that of a machine. Again, it has no power to originate independent thought, nor can it reason upon any proposed course of action.

Whether you are in control of this marvelous power and gift or not, and here is where the mind works for your betterment or not, mind cannot depart from the engagements of a stimulus or program any more than a locomotive can will to leaves the tracks it has been placed to run upon. Habits are likened to grooves in which actions run. This first thing a mind does once stimulated to action, is to establish a program of operation much like a
groove, which we call a habit. For most who do not operate as the controller of mind, they become subject and driven by the programming groove, or rather habit and custom.

Such an operation of being subject to the prevailing program, one discovers that the mind enters into “comfort zones” of operation. It then resents innovation and change, and accepts without question, what it has been taught to believe as truth or right. The mind adores routine, and when under the control of Soul, this is an incredible way to touch upon its powers without constant overview. In such a process it can be trained to a very high degree of skill in a given line of activity.

The mind when activated by the Soul, or Spirit, forms thoughts and each thought takes on a definite shape to move into manifestation with ease and aplomb. However, when the mind is operating under one of its constructs called the self/ego, the minds machine-like capabilities are used to further validation of the program only.

Can you teach a machine to believe that it is not good to run into trees? Can you convince it that the highway is better? You can argue with it for years and then turn it loose on full power, and it will run into a tree, if the tree is in its path.

So it is with most people, they will usually go on doing as they did before, in spite of all rational persuasion. If an individual awakens as Soul, as person may change their course of thinking or acting, but never otherwise.

Mind, for the majority of individuals is subject to the pleasure/pain dichotomy. If the mind enjoys a certain sensation, it develops an appetite that with machine like precision wants to repeat, over and over for it’s pleasurable pursuit, as often as possible, quite regardless of whether the sensation is good or bad for the person or not. This is where a habit becomes an addiction. This is why people indulge in anger and vanity to pursue these habitual addictions of mind. Mind is neither moral nor amoral, any more than one’s automobile. A cannibal can see no more harm in eating another human than you can in eating a piece of beef. While others might see both as harmful.

The more a habit is indulged in, the more easily and certainly the mind will run in that groove.

Unfortunately, the more the mind controls the program of action the less and less the Soul is able to impress upon it the acknowledgment of being the master.

While many groups of mentors, Life Coach’s and the group who teach The Secret, are able to display a higher ordering of mental engagement that does produce altered and modified results, the individual never comes awake or free enough to recognize that these systems of control and mastered results are always already existent to the awakened Self. They are merely trading one form of control for another.

The Pathless Path works to show an easier means by which all changes of mind and engagements are at the finger tips of the individual who comes Awake. Then the individual is able to fully demonstrate absolute control over all the elements of their life experience. Control without having to force results.

Success is your proof.

Carbon Footprints – An Interesting Point of View

September 19th, 2016

We leave two kinds of footprints behind, a carbon one upon the earth, and a psychic one upon our existence to come; the two are intertwined. Therefore, the size of our carbon footprint is an accurate gauge of what our next existence will portend – will it be a heaven, or a hell?

Awareness of what we are doing to ourselves, to the earth, and especially to others, such as our children and grandchildren, are indicators of where we are regarding our state of mind. Subsequently, this state of mind is then a true indicator of our destiny. Our actions follow our mind, and our minds follow our habits and tendencies, so if we are accustomed to thinking only of ourselves, then our destiny will be a place where others act the same, and our next destination will be a dog-eat dog existence. That would be a hell.

If we don’t really care about the world, and perhaps rationalize our actions by believing that what we do individually doesn’t matter, then we must live amongst those who believe as we do. If we can get by with a small car, but buy a larger one because of our insecurities, perhaps trying to prop up our egos or some other childish fantasy, then others will do the same. We are all connected at the hip, and individual decisions always reflect the whole of society.

If we believe those that say fossil fuels harm many things, and that oil, itself, promotes violence and greed, no different from gold, diamonds, drugs, or anything else that excites the senses, then we would be well advised to personally take a stand against those things. According to Christ and the Buddha, less is more. If you don’t believe it, look at history and all the lives that have been shattered by the greed and hatred fueled by oil, diamonds, gold and anything else promising riches with little work.

Our carbon footprint is the amount of energy and resources that we use over a lifetime, and how that usage will affect the earth and generations to come. Our excess carbon footprint is the energy and resources that we use over and above what we minimally require. This indicates our state of mind, our selfishness, and consequently this state of mind determines our destiny, not only in this world, but in the next as well.

A mind that only thinks of itself is a mind of delusion. This kind of mind cannot understand and actually laughs at the premise that we are interconnected. This kind of selfish mind sees only itself and how it compares to others, never understanding that this duality is an illusion. Unfortunately, this kind of mind, a mind that cannot get past itself, is the kind of mind that entraps itself in a world of fear and anxiety simply because it has only itself to rely upon. This spells trouble, because mind does not exist in reality, only in time, and therefore can never be relied upon beyond existence. Therefore, this person has all of his or her eggs gathered in one basket, a basket that doesn’t exist in reality. And they fear death terribly.

A person who sees smog and says, “That’s my fault, not some legislator or some branch of government, but my fault,” is a person that can see. When a person sees gas prices becoming a burden for people who are struggling to make a living on low wages, and says, “that’s my fault;” that’s a person who can see. A person who sees, sees that wars are caused when people want more than they have, or want others to be like them. And when that same person stops buying oil, gold, diamonds, drugs, and all the other things that promise an easy way out, that person not only can see, but has the unique courage, known only to few, to act.

If you want to begin seeing, rather than moving in lock step with a failed theory that wealth provides happiness regardless of the cost to the earth and our descendants, then take a few minutes out of every day and sit in silence, in meditation. Go to that place of truth mentioned by all the great sages, go to that place where your actions will be heroic, regardless of how small they seem to be.

Go to that place where you will begin feeling good about what you are doing to help, not only with the earth, but with your destiny as well.

Sacrifices We Make For Our Families

September 19th, 2016

The sacrifices we make for our families are numerous. These sacrifices are either made out of love, necessity or simply because it’s family. If you grew up in a very religious household you learn from a very early age the importance of the family unit in God’s eyes. Each and everything you do should either bring some benefit to your family or not bring disgrace to your family. It is common to find individuals who do not have autonomy of themselves because they are attached to their families.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual to see one person who takes on the role of the “sacrificial lamb”. These are the individuals who take it up on themselves to sacrifice their life for the “good” of their family. Many of you learned to sacrifice for your family before you were even taught to love your families. The result is having you sacrificing your life for a family that has members behaving in the most atrocious of manner.

As mentioned previously, having a love for your family is not a necessary requirement when it comes to sacrificing your goals, dreams and loves for your family. You willingly do these things because it is what you “should” do because it is “family”. It is easy for someone to say, well, you are the one who willingly sacrificed your life for your family because you wanted to or maybe because you loved them. Sad to say, sometimes the sacrifices you make has nothing to do with love.

Maybe from an early age you were bombarded with messages from your religion, society, and your culture that you should put your family first. If you should ever make the mistake of doing for yourself first then you are being selfish and stubborn. Family members may become so use to you sacrificing your dreams and your life for their betterment that when you decide to finally take the plunge and begin living your own life they start to feel their comfort cushion being pulled out from under their feet. They begin to harshly criticize you, gossip about you behind your back and completely forgetting the sacrifices you made so that they would have a better life and not having to experience the things you had to experience.

There was once a young woman who along with her sister who was two years younger, was left with a religious couple who served as their Guardians while their parents were away. During the time the young girls were living with the Guardians, the husband, who was a religious leader in his religion decided to begin molesting the older sister.

The older sister, knowing that she was left in charge of her younger sister knew that if she stopped him, he would turn to her younger sister to carry out his perversions. She knew it was her responsibility to protect her sister from harm while their parents were away. The man had his daughters living in the same house, but of course he would not touch them. But because the two girls were not his, he knew he could go after them.

The older sister made an adult decision to sacrifice herself so that her sister would not be harmed. This went on for two years to this young girl who sacrificed herself for her sister and overall for her family because she knew that if her parents were to know what was happening they would be embarrassed regarding the shame she was bringing on the family and it would put what they were doing in jeopardy and the family would lose money. Understandably, the sexual abuse damaged the older sister’s life.

It took her years to work through not just the effects of the abuse, but the reasons why she sacrificed her life. She sacrificed her life and her childhood to protect her sister and to protect the rest of her family. As she grew up she was the one who took care of her abused mother, stood up to her abusive father and continued to protect her sister. She became the woman of the house, cooking, cleaning and setting the rules of the household. Her sister and her mother did not have to lift a finger.

Not once did her family express their appreciation to her for all that she had done. Would you believe that years later when she decided to have her own life, she was ostracized by ALL of her family and especially by the same sister for whom she had sacrificed her life for? She was criticized for wanting an education, for traveling and doing things for herself. She has contemplated suicide on several occasions and was almost successful on one attempt.

Thankfully she was not successful. Fortunately, she was blessed and highly favored in God’s eyes. Because of her personality she was able to make great friends, who while they may not have known her entire life they were drawn to her. As a result of all the love she was receiving, she was able to begin healing her soul. Today she is living a vibrant life filled with genuine friends and she has learned how to allow joy into her life and anything that does not bring joy she now knows how to walk away from it including her family.

There are those of you who may not know what it is to make sacrifices for your family. Chances are you never had to because someone else in your family was making those sacrifices for you and you may have a selfish nature because you may feel that your family or other people owe you something. Maybe you were the one who did sacrifice your life for your family and now you want your own life, so you may come across as selfish to others.

People may not know your life and they may get angry at you for your selfish behavior. Be mindful of this, but also know that people who are really your friends will always be around for you. They may get angry or disappointed over your behavior, but they still love you. Don’t let your time for you be a permanent thing.

Know that you can live a full life with genuine people who care about you and the things you do for them. Not everyone is like your family who are selfish. Your family may be behaving in the way they saw their parents behave and the behavior has been passed down from generation to generation. But we now have the ability to break the cycle. Families need to learn to respect each other and not take advantage of each other.

As individuals we need to be accountable for our actions. There have been family members who have done inexcusable things to another family member and it was overlooked, but then an outsider does the same thing and it is now World War III. Why is that? When did it become OK for families to be unkind, selfish and horrible to each other, but then it is not OK for outsiders to do the same thing. If you accept horrible behavior from your family, you are saying it is OK for you to be treated badly. So don’t be surprised when non-family members treat you the same way.

If you desire people to respect honor and cherish you then begin with yourself first. Know what you will accept and not accept and then let your family know that you will not allow them to neither disrespect you nor will you allow them to continue using you as their personal sacrificial lamb.

Do not allow your family to treat you less than you deserve. The way that you treat yourself stems from how you allow your family to treat you. You cannot expect people who are non-family members to treat you with respect, but yet you allow your family to disrespect you and treat you like dirt. You are a person with feelings and those feelings should be respected. Never allow anyone to treat you less than a human being.

It is okay to leave people behind including your family. You may love them, but if they are impeding your personal growth, then you need to love them from afar. Families do not get a free pass to abuse you and treat you like dirt. They should be called to task for their bad behavior. If they refuse to adjust their attitude towards you, then it is quite okay to respectfully step away and love them from afar.

Never allow anyone to disrespect you and impede your growth. You are an adult and you should never be treated as anything less. Even children should never be disrespected. Experiencing hate, criticism and dishonesty from your family is very devastating, but it does not have to be the end of your life. For your family to behave that way, they are unhappy and miserable with their lives. There’s a popular saying, “misery loves company”.

You cannot create happiness for your family. They have to desire it for themselves. Sometimes it is difficult for someone to acknowledge that their parents or their family is not really supportive. It is not unusual for that person to be in denial, because acknowledging and accepting the truth about your family can be very painful. Even if your family is not out rightly abusive, if they are not encouraging your personal growth and advancement, then it is time to walk your own path.

That is your first step to becoming an adult and having autonomy over your own life. You are responsible for your own happiness. If you decide to have a family of your own someday, you are going to need to have a sense of yourself and what makes you happy so that you can create a different dichotomy for you and your future family.

What is Witchcraft, Really

September 19th, 2016

It is with great amazement that even in this day age Witchcraft is deemed as something evil. People who practice this faith are often believed to be worshipping the devil or the underworld.

There could be nothing further form the truth. Like in all aspects of life, you get a few bad apples, but this does not mean that an entire faith should be pigeonholed into the evil category.

Witchcraft, as a whole is a very gentle and fun faith. You will never find people practicing this faith standing on street corners or shouting from rooftops, trying to convert you. They are quite happy to get on with their faith in their own way. Should people wish to join, they are welcomed with open arms and they are not judged. You are not forced to leave all your beliefs behind. You are given the opportunity to make up your own mind in your own time. You are not expected to join a coven, you can practise the faith in your own home in your own time.

Witchcraft is based on nature and is a faith that works with nature as opposed to against it. It does not involve black magic. Yes, it does involve magic, but it is magic that is freely available in the universe. It is a faith that is against doing harm to others or any other living thing, be it animal or plant.

Contrary to what you see in the movies, Witches do not fly around on brooms and neither do they change their form. They do not bring the dead back to life. Further more, an upside down pentagram is not a sign or symbol of Witchcraft. It makes me really sad when people actually believe all the things they see in the movies. The pentagram used by Witches is the right way up. Each point represents part of nature namely, earth, wind, fire, water and yourself.

I find it very ignorant when people assume a faith to be rubbish or evil when they know nothing about it. I find this frustrating and an insult. Personally, I believe that a person without knowledge is a danger to themselves and everybody around them. So before one decides to rubbish a particular faith, it may be worth their while to do their research and read up on the subject. After that, they are entitled to their opinion and can have their fifteen minutes of fame, either way. There are a number of sites out there that have a lot of information about the subject, so before you chose to insult someone about their faith whilst knowing nothing about it, it recommend that you read up on it.

Knowing and Doing the Will of God Through Adoption

September 19th, 2016

Adoption in the Christian sense is a little bit different from the meaning used to adopt babies today. Knowing and doing the will of God starts at the heart of this concept. Adoption usually means adopting or taking as your own some one else’s child. IN the Christian sense, it is false because God is taking back into the family a child once lost and now found. This is adoption into the family of God. The person lost God from the time of birth and now it requires an adapting to the new family. God declares you as son or daughter.

This is only possible when you qualify to come back. On your own you do not qualify, God has to qualify on certain terms and conditions. One of them is that you are sinless and perfect. If you are not then you can pay for the sins through the blood of a human who is sinless and perfect. Experience knowing and doing the will of God, which can help you master this concept.

It is impossible to do both. Then God provides a way through a plan called salvation in Christ Jesus. All you have to do is to accept that plan. Jesus has already fulfilled requirements on your behalf and God can accept you back into the family.

Once you accept then God provides full privilege as a child. Now you can enjoy all that God provides. His protection, love, providence, and guidance are your now. Instead of being an alien and a foreigner to God’s goodness and mercy, you are a rightful place in his family. You can experience and appreciate knowing and doing the will of God only when this becomes a reality in your life.

Satan and his army cannot do any harm without God’s express permission. You can still mess it up if you do not follow the rules of the new game. However, the beauty of that it forgiveness and pardon are available through Jesus Christ to every new child in to the kingdom of God.

This concept is foreign to many world religions. God adopting back his own children back into the fold is the theme of Jesus ministry. The lost and found theme has many parables like the prodigal son, lost sheep and lost coins. The theme is this was once mine and lost now I found it back. During the process of knowing and doing the will of God, you can confirm this concept when you walk with God in newness of life.

War Against Occultism, Witchcraft and False Religion (Part 2)

July 22nd, 2016

Occultism is a all-embracing menace. It is an angry that the believers accept to bound angle up to combat. This is all-important and actual burning because of the blackmail it poses to the advance of the gospel. It is the a lot of appalling blackmail to the enactment of the commonwealth of God on earth. Abominably today, these abstruse practices are already bit-by-bit into the church. Recently, I asked a adolescent Christian man, built-in in a Pentecostal abbey who his advisers were. And I was abashed to the bottom if he mentioned some belled cultists. Why? Just because they accept money and are affiliated to the humans in government. My amore bled. This is just a sample of the admeasurement the devil has gone to deceive our youths. I am so abundant afraid about the next bearing of the church. And what are we accomplishing about this? Nothing! We are just active with Jamborees, while the commonwealth of Satan is accumulation everywhere in the society.

Yes, man’s animalism for power, money and acclaim has fabricated him admirable to this atrocious onslaught. There are humans that can go any breadth to get rich. There are others who are crazy about power; political power, airy power, ability to ascendancy or even abuse others. Yet, others wish to be accepted everywhere, they wish fame. Because of these, they accept awash themselves to the devil by involving in aroused activities. They accept angled down to Satan in barter for these carnal banausic possessions. They banned to apprentice from our LORD and Master Jesus Christ.

In the wilderness, the devil promised Him everything, including all the kingdoms of the world, if Jesus would bow to him. But Jesus promptly rebuked and reminded him that it was alone God Almighty that deserves our worship. Jesus knew that what He had as the Son (child) of God was greater than annihilation the devil could offer. Aggregate the devil offers is corrupt, brief and an barter for our soul. The bible said that those who run afterwards abundance and carnal amusement will consistently abuse their souls. That’s true!

Why is God adjoin occultism? This is because it is evil. It originates from Satan; the adversary of God. And its practices absolutely breach the laws of God. The accepted activities you acquisition in abracadabra are: idolatry, claret and animal sacrifices, animal perversion, deception, divination, abracadabra and secrecy. And all these are abhorred to God. That is why He hates them strongly. Let us attending at them one afterwards the other:


Every anatomy of abracadabra and apocryphal adoration is idolatry. And God frowns at this so much. In fact, He warned the accouchement of Israel that it was the capital acumen of His displacing the aboriginal occupants of the affiance acreage – Canaan. To aswell appearance how abhorred this is to God, in Exodus 20, it was the aboriginal account in the commandments He gave to the Israelites (by addendum to all mankind), “then God instructed the humans as follows: ‘I am the LORD your God, who rescued you from bullwork in Egypt. ‘Do not adoration any added gods besides me.

“Do not accomplish idols of any kind, whether in the appearance of birds or animals or fish. You accept to never adoration or bow down to them, for I, the LORD your God, am a anxious God who will not allotment your amore with any added god! – Exodus 20: 1 – 5.

And the King James adaptation puts ballad 4 this way – “thou shalt not accomplish unto thee any graven image, or any affinity of any affair that is in heaven above, or that is in the apple beneath, or that is in the baptize beneath the earth:”

This bidding is actual clear. God is adage that He cannot allotment His celebrity or adoration with any image, animal or getting in heaven, on apple or beneath the apple (waters). This apprenticeship is so important that He pours it out just afterwards introducing Himself. You noticed that? It artlessly agency that this accurate account is ascendant and maybe He has getting searching for the befalling to bowl it out. Abracadabra anon opposes this apprenticeship and aswell questions the supremacy of God. So, if you adoration objects, creatures, spirits, angels, prophets, the sun, the moon, the stars, Satan, principalities, admiral and rulers of darkness, demons, etc, God said that you are analytic His ascendancy and abode in creation. And it is actual abhorred to him.

I anticipate this amount is simple. God created aggregate including man and He said, “man, don’t adoration any added affair besides me!’ And man is adage “No sir! Yes, I apperceive you created all things, including me, but I wish to adoration my adolescent creature!” It is as asinine as that. This is what abracadabra is. And unfortunately, Satan is the arch of every abracadabra convenance and he extends this through his demons and animal agents.

God abnormally warned Israel adjoin idolatry. In actuality he will consistently abuse them anniversary time they allow in this by acceptance their enemies to defeat them or forward them into exile. He will consistently alarm it airy affair and warned that He would acutely abuse those that get involved.

Weaving A Tapestry of Apostasy

June 12th, 2016

Apostasy is on the rise. It’s the advance of the bashful killer, it’s the wolves who appear dressed in sheep’s clothing. It’s about those who accretion the assurance of biting Christians with absorbed to annihilate them, abort them and abduct from them. But according to God’s Word, we acquire been accustomed all the armament we will anytime charge to action it. But, if we don’t apperceive how to admit these apostates, we will not see a charge to avert ourselves. Should Christians be so trusting? I anticipate not. We are acquire to be accessible and anticipate those who beggarly to do us harm. The agitation is, unless we arm ourselves with the Word of God, we will abatement for aggregate because we didn’t apperceive how to angle for something, which is Truth.

The book of Jude is one such antecedent of armament for the accouchement of God. It is meant to accumulate us from accepting devoured by our antagonist Satan in the endure days. We are in the endure canicule in case you haven’t noticed the apple about you. This book is to apprehend with airy discernment. We are told in God’s Word that the accurate analysis of one’s behavior in Christ will aftermath acceptable fruits. Attending at the fruits that are accepting offered. Seriously, are you accommodating to eat that which is rotten to the core?

Jude’s’ aboriginal alarm to the Christian is the charge to argue for their faith. He was accountable to address this as a alarm to action for the accuracy in the ablaze of the backslider teachers, those who accompany the apocryphal doctrine. Today we see and apprehend it added and added as we acquire it as a ‘kinder, gentler’ version. It’s bearded so it will address to our beef and not could could could cause us to run in abhorrence at the actuality of sin which runs aggressive in our veins. Attending about you and yield apprehension of all the “church friendly” communities. They plan to amuse and forward you home with a warm, down-covered activity that your conservancy is based on accepting a acceptable person. As controllable as this may sound, it’s not article actual and could beggarly the aberration of heaven or hell. Honestly, do you wish to yield the adventitious of not accepting to heaven for abridgement of ability and truth? It doesn’t yield a theologian to understand.

The stakes are high, are you accommodating to bet your activity on bisected truths?

In the third ballad of Jude, he is ambrosial to those who are saved, but because of apocryphal article accepting taught, he is advancement these humans to argue for their faith. This acceptance is God’s adumbration which was delivered as a assemblage at the achievement of Scripture. God warns us about the baleful aberration of alteration His Word by abacus things or demography things abroad from Scripture in Rev. 22:18,19. His Word is complete and fixed.

The epistle of Jude enlightens us to 18 means to analyze an apostate. First, they are ungodly. These are apocryphal agents who pretend to be true. They attending good, but beneath they intend to advance God’s humans astray.

“For assertive bodies acquire crept in unnoticed, those who were continued advanced apparent out for this condemnation, blasphemous bodies who about-face the adroitness of God into bender and abjure our alone Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.” Jude 4

Secondly, they are about perverted. Again, this ballad talks about amoral carnality or gross immorality. They reside a abandoned lifestyle. They irreverently acquaint God’s adroitness by indulging in absolved and accessible immorality. Thirdly, they abjure Christ. There are several religions today that are ushering abounding souls into hell by a article that denies Christ’s sovereignty. They admonish that He was alone a bitter man who was a abundant abecedary and prophet. A accurate mark of an backslider is one who will debauchee what Scripture declares as accurate about the Lord Jesus Christ. There are abounding “New Age” religions accomplishing this actual affair today.

Fourth, an backslider defiles the flesh. They acquire actual few if any restraints apropos morality. Fifth, they are rebellious. They adios all authority, civilian and spiritual, causing bounce of Adorable Scripture and Christ. Sixth, they back-bite adorable angels. They may accept in angels but endemic are aberrant angles, Satan’s pawns. Seventh, an backslider is ignorant. Their minds are aloof to the accuracy of God’s Word. This benightedness deludes them to the point of fantasizing or abandoned perversions. They are clumsy to see or apprehend the truth. Their dreams are claimed to be visions from God.

“Yet in the aforementioned way these men, aswell by absent abuse the flesh, and adios authority, and back-bite adorable majesties.” Jude 8

Eighth, apostates are dreamers. They are blasphemers. These agents are aloof and acquire a adventurous and aloof admiration with absurd ability and authority. They abuse on things they don’t understand. They are aloof because they are spiritually addled by Satan. Their apperception of airy affairs is above their accommodation to accept because of an agnostic state. All-powerful ability is void, they aren’t any brighter than a impaired beast. Nineth, an backslider is self- destructive. This will advance to airy and moral self-destruction. And Jude follows this account with “Woe to them!” vs. 11.

“But these men back-bite the things which they do not understand; and the things which they apperceive by instinct, like careless animals, by these things they are destroyed.” Jude 10

The tenth assurance of an backslider is grumbling. Eleventh assurance is they are quick to acquisition fault. They are annoyed with God’s will. This is absolutely what the collapsed angels, Cain, Korah and Balaam did. Twelvth assurance is cocky seeking. This gluttonous afterwards their own lusts is a acceptable description of one who isn’t converted. These apostates are apprenticed with desires for amiss satisfaction.

Thirteenth, they are aloof speakers. This sometimes can be difficult to ascertain as they allege with eloquence, but it’s not Adorable Spirit inspired. There is no amount in their words. It is bare of all-powerful truth, even admitting it sounds attractive. Fourteenth, they are flatterers. These preachers will acquaint humans what they wish to hear, not what they charge to hear, for the account of their own profit.

“These are grumblers, award fault, afterward afterwards their own lusts; they allege arrogantly, adulatory humans for the account of accepting advantage.” Jude 16

Fifteenth, an backslider is a mocker. They belittle God’s approaching plan and pretend to apperceive the truth. They debris to accept that God will acquire judgement for the ungodly. This is alarming article to believe.

“But you beloved, care to bethink the words that were announced advanced by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ that they were adage to you, ‘In the endure time there will be mockers, afterward afterwards their own blasphemous lusts.” Jude 17,18

The sixteenth way to acquaint is by the analysis they cause. This is a big botheration in churches today. Instead of accumulation them, they will breach them. Seventeenth assurance is a carnal mind. These preachers and agents acquaint themselves as accepting awful airy in knowledge. But in fact are admiring to the a lot of abashed levels of life. They are “soulish” not “spiritual”. And lastly, they are after the Spirit. In added words, they are an contemptuous impostor!

“These are the ones who could could could cause divisions, carnal minded, bare of the Spirit.” Jude 19

Jude’s absolute admonish is still accomplishing for us.

1. Stay in the adulation of God.

2. Wait anxiously for abiding activity through Christ.

3. Acquire benevolence on those who agnosticism and save souls. 4. Accumulate from barrier by actual in God’s presence. He will accord you abundant joy because He is Savior, He has all ascendancy and ascendancy now and always more!

This bulletin is actual important abnormally now. These scoffers and apostates are aberrant the accomplished accoutrement of lies into the moral carpeting of Christians. Unless we apperceive the truth, we will not be able to untangle the lies of deception.

Those who fix their eyes on heaven will not be absent by the things of this earth.

All Scripture taken from the New American Standard Bible.