Religion Doing Harm

War Against Occultism, Witchcraft and False Religion (Part 2)

July 22nd, 2016

Occultism is a all-embracing menace. It is an angry that the believers accept to bound angle up to combat. This is all-important and actual burning because of the blackmail it poses to the advance of the gospel. It is the a lot of appalling blackmail to the enactment of the commonwealth of God on earth. Abominably today, these abstruse practices are already bit-by-bit into the church. Recently, I asked a adolescent Christian man, built-in in a Pentecostal abbey who his advisers were. And I was abashed to the bottom if he mentioned some belled cultists. Why? Just because they accept money and are affiliated to the humans in government. My amore bled. This is just a sample of the admeasurement the devil has gone to deceive our youths. I am so abundant afraid about the next bearing of the church. And what are we accomplishing about this? Nothing! We are just active with Jamborees, while the commonwealth of Satan is accumulation everywhere in the society.

Yes, man’s animalism for power, money and acclaim has fabricated him admirable to this atrocious onslaught. There are humans that can go any breadth to get rich. There are others who are crazy about power; political power, airy power, ability to ascendancy or even abuse others. Yet, others wish to be accepted everywhere, they wish fame. Because of these, they accept awash themselves to the devil by involving in aroused activities. They accept angled down to Satan in barter for these carnal banausic possessions. They banned to apprentice from our LORD and Master Jesus Christ.

In the wilderness, the devil promised Him everything, including all the kingdoms of the world, if Jesus would bow to him. But Jesus promptly rebuked and reminded him that it was alone God Almighty that deserves our worship. Jesus knew that what He had as the Son (child) of God was greater than annihilation the devil could offer. Aggregate the devil offers is corrupt, brief and an barter for our soul. The bible said that those who run afterwards abundance and carnal amusement will consistently abuse their souls. That’s true!

Why is God adjoin occultism? This is because it is evil. It originates from Satan; the adversary of God. And its practices absolutely breach the laws of God. The accepted activities you acquisition in abracadabra are: idolatry, claret and animal sacrifices, animal perversion, deception, divination, abracadabra and secrecy. And all these are abhorred to God. That is why He hates them strongly. Let us attending at them one afterwards the other:


Every anatomy of abracadabra and apocryphal adoration is idolatry. And God frowns at this so much. In fact, He warned the accouchement of Israel that it was the capital acumen of His displacing the aboriginal occupants of the affiance acreage – Canaan. To aswell appearance how abhorred this is to God, in Exodus 20, it was the aboriginal account in the commandments He gave to the Israelites (by addendum to all mankind), “then God instructed the humans as follows: ‘I am the LORD your God, who rescued you from bullwork in Egypt. ‘Do not adoration any added gods besides me.

“Do not accomplish idols of any kind, whether in the appearance of birds or animals or fish. You accept to never adoration or bow down to them, for I, the LORD your God, am a anxious God who will not allotment your amore with any added god! – Exodus 20: 1 – 5.

And the King James adaptation puts ballad 4 this way – “thou shalt not accomplish unto thee any graven image, or any affinity of any affair that is in heaven above, or that is in the apple beneath, or that is in the baptize beneath the earth:”

This bidding is actual clear. God is adage that He cannot allotment His celebrity or adoration with any image, animal or getting in heaven, on apple or beneath the apple (waters). This apprenticeship is so important that He pours it out just afterwards introducing Himself. You noticed that? It artlessly agency that this accurate account is ascendant and maybe He has getting searching for the befalling to bowl it out. Abracadabra anon opposes this apprenticeship and aswell questions the supremacy of God. So, if you adoration objects, creatures, spirits, angels, prophets, the sun, the moon, the stars, Satan, principalities, admiral and rulers of darkness, demons, etc, God said that you are analytic His ascendancy and abode in creation. And it is actual abhorred to him.

I anticipate this amount is simple. God created aggregate including man and He said, “man, don’t adoration any added affair besides me!’ And man is adage “No sir! Yes, I apperceive you created all things, including me, but I wish to adoration my adolescent creature!” It is as asinine as that. This is what abracadabra is. And unfortunately, Satan is the arch of every abracadabra convenance and he extends this through his demons and animal agents.

God abnormally warned Israel adjoin idolatry. In actuality he will consistently abuse them anniversary time they allow in this by acceptance their enemies to defeat them or forward them into exile. He will consistently alarm it airy affair and warned that He would acutely abuse those that get involved.

Weaving A Tapestry of Apostasy

June 12th, 2016

Apostasy is on the rise. It’s the advance of the bashful killer, it’s the wolves who appear dressed in sheep’s clothing. It’s about those who accretion the assurance of biting Christians with absorbed to annihilate them, abort them and abduct from them. But according to God’s Word, we acquire been accustomed all the armament we will anytime charge to action it. But, if we don’t apperceive how to admit these apostates, we will not see a charge to avert ourselves. Should Christians be so trusting? I anticipate not. We are acquire to be accessible and anticipate those who beggarly to do us harm. The agitation is, unless we arm ourselves with the Word of God, we will abatement for aggregate because we didn’t apperceive how to angle for something, which is Truth.

The book of Jude is one such antecedent of armament for the accouchement of God. It is meant to accumulate us from accepting devoured by our antagonist Satan in the endure days. We are in the endure canicule in case you haven’t noticed the apple about you. This book is to apprehend with airy discernment. We are told in God’s Word that the accurate analysis of one’s behavior in Christ will aftermath acceptable fruits. Attending at the fruits that are accepting offered. Seriously, are you accommodating to eat that which is rotten to the core?

Jude’s’ aboriginal alarm to the Christian is the charge to argue for their faith. He was accountable to address this as a alarm to action for the accuracy in the ablaze of the backslider teachers, those who accompany the apocryphal doctrine. Today we see and apprehend it added and added as we acquire it as a ‘kinder, gentler’ version. It’s bearded so it will address to our beef and not could could could cause us to run in abhorrence at the actuality of sin which runs aggressive in our veins. Attending about you and yield apprehension of all the “church friendly” communities. They plan to amuse and forward you home with a warm, down-covered activity that your conservancy is based on accepting a acceptable person. As controllable as this may sound, it’s not article actual and could beggarly the aberration of heaven or hell. Honestly, do you wish to yield the adventitious of not accepting to heaven for abridgement of ability and truth? It doesn’t yield a theologian to understand.

The stakes are high, are you accommodating to bet your activity on bisected truths?

In the third ballad of Jude, he is ambrosial to those who are saved, but because of apocryphal article accepting taught, he is advancement these humans to argue for their faith. This acceptance is God’s adumbration which was delivered as a assemblage at the achievement of Scripture. God warns us about the baleful aberration of alteration His Word by abacus things or demography things abroad from Scripture in Rev. 22:18,19. His Word is complete and fixed.

The epistle of Jude enlightens us to 18 means to analyze an apostate. First, they are ungodly. These are apocryphal agents who pretend to be true. They attending good, but beneath they intend to advance God’s humans astray.

“For assertive bodies acquire crept in unnoticed, those who were continued advanced apparent out for this condemnation, blasphemous bodies who about-face the adroitness of God into bender and abjure our alone Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.” Jude 4

Secondly, they are about perverted. Again, this ballad talks about amoral carnality or gross immorality. They reside a abandoned lifestyle. They irreverently acquaint God’s adroitness by indulging in absolved and accessible immorality. Thirdly, they abjure Christ. There are several religions today that are ushering abounding souls into hell by a article that denies Christ’s sovereignty. They admonish that He was alone a bitter man who was a abundant abecedary and prophet. A accurate mark of an backslider is one who will debauchee what Scripture declares as accurate about the Lord Jesus Christ. There are abounding “New Age” religions accomplishing this actual affair today.

Fourth, an backslider defiles the flesh. They acquire actual few if any restraints apropos morality. Fifth, they are rebellious. They adios all authority, civilian and spiritual, causing bounce of Adorable Scripture and Christ. Sixth, they back-bite adorable angels. They may accept in angels but endemic are aberrant angles, Satan’s pawns. Seventh, an backslider is ignorant. Their minds are aloof to the accuracy of God’s Word. This benightedness deludes them to the point of fantasizing or abandoned perversions. They are clumsy to see or apprehend the truth. Their dreams are claimed to be visions from God.

“Yet in the aforementioned way these men, aswell by absent abuse the flesh, and adios authority, and back-bite adorable majesties.” Jude 8

Eighth, apostates are dreamers. They are blasphemers. These agents are aloof and acquire a adventurous and aloof admiration with absurd ability and authority. They abuse on things they don’t understand. They are aloof because they are spiritually addled by Satan. Their apperception of airy affairs is above their accommodation to accept because of an agnostic state. All-powerful ability is void, they aren’t any brighter than a impaired beast. Nineth, an backslider is self- destructive. This will advance to airy and moral self-destruction. And Jude follows this account with “Woe to them!” vs. 11.

“But these men back-bite the things which they do not understand; and the things which they apperceive by instinct, like careless animals, by these things they are destroyed.” Jude 10

The tenth assurance of an backslider is grumbling. Eleventh assurance is they are quick to acquisition fault. They are annoyed with God’s will. This is absolutely what the collapsed angels, Cain, Korah and Balaam did. Twelvth assurance is cocky seeking. This gluttonous afterwards their own lusts is a acceptable description of one who isn’t converted. These apostates are apprenticed with desires for amiss satisfaction.

Thirteenth, they are aloof speakers. This sometimes can be difficult to ascertain as they allege with eloquence, but it’s not Adorable Spirit inspired. There is no amount in their words. It is bare of all-powerful truth, even admitting it sounds attractive. Fourteenth, they are flatterers. These preachers will acquaint humans what they wish to hear, not what they charge to hear, for the account of their own profit.

“These are grumblers, award fault, afterward afterwards their own lusts; they allege arrogantly, adulatory humans for the account of accepting advantage.” Jude 16

Fifteenth, an backslider is a mocker. They belittle God’s approaching plan and pretend to apperceive the truth. They debris to accept that God will acquire judgement for the ungodly. This is alarming article to believe.

“But you beloved, care to bethink the words that were announced advanced by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ that they were adage to you, ‘In the endure time there will be mockers, afterward afterwards their own blasphemous lusts.” Jude 17,18

The sixteenth way to acquaint is by the analysis they cause. This is a big botheration in churches today. Instead of accumulation them, they will breach them. Seventeenth assurance is a carnal mind. These preachers and agents acquaint themselves as accepting awful airy in knowledge. But in fact are admiring to the a lot of abashed levels of life. They are “soulish” not “spiritual”. And lastly, they are after the Spirit. In added words, they are an contemptuous impostor!

“These are the ones who could could could cause divisions, carnal minded, bare of the Spirit.” Jude 19

Jude’s absolute admonish is still accomplishing for us.

1. Stay in the adulation of God.

2. Wait anxiously for abiding activity through Christ.

3. Acquire benevolence on those who agnosticism and save souls. 4. Accumulate from barrier by actual in God’s presence. He will accord you abundant joy because He is Savior, He has all ascendancy and ascendancy now and always more!

This bulletin is actual important abnormally now. These scoffers and apostates are aberrant the accomplished accoutrement of lies into the moral carpeting of Christians. Unless we apperceive the truth, we will not be able to untangle the lies of deception.

Those who fix their eyes on heaven will not be absent by the things of this earth.

All Scripture taken from the New American Standard Bible.